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1. Age Qualification  To avoid any ambiguity, age for the Festival class entries, where specified, is on 1st March in the year the Festival occurs. The committee reserves the right to require evidence of age, when an incorrect entry into age group may affect the final result of the class. Adult is taken as over 18 classes and will usually be in an evening session.

2. The adjudicator's decision is final.

3. Mark Sheets Competitors must collect mark sheets after the close of each class.

4. Own Choice  The committee reserves the right to refuse an entry of any spoken or sung material deemed unsuitable or offensive. The time limit for own choice is 5 minutes    except where otherwise stated.. This time limit does not apply in Piping, Dancing and Group Discussion classes. NOTE  A copy of own choice for all classes, including chanter and piping, must be sent with the Entry Form.  TWO copies are required if the services of the official accompanist are used.

5. Official Accompanist   In the music classes, the service of the official accompanist is available to all performers, free of charge.  Performers, when submitting entry forms, should indicate clearly in the relevant column if they wish this service.  Performers may bring their own accompanist.

6. Scottish Country Dancing In classes with an own choice item, selection should be made from the Royal Country Dance Society?s books and details of choice submitted on the entry form without  copies of music.

7. Test Pieces Test pieces must be performed in the keys set unless otherwise stated in the syllabus.

8. Gaelic Classes In Gaelic vocal and choral classes the key may be at the performers discretion.

9. Trophies    Trophies will only be awarded if distinction level is reached.  Persons awarded trophies will be required to sign a letter undertaking to keep the trophy safe and to return it to the Trophy Convenor, Kingussie High School, by 1st March in the following year.


1. Vocal Solo Classes At the discretion of the performer an introduction may be used for test pieces where one is not given.

 2. Gaelic Vocal and Choral In these classes, the key-note/ or the starting note may be sounded.

 3. Dramatised Song In these classes, the song is of premier importance; a narrative song should make the basis of a dramatic presentation.

 4. Singing Games In these classes, the game is of premier importance; singing is a stimulus. Presentation should be simple, without costume and without accompanist. The key-note and/or starting note may be sounded. The assistance of an off-stage choir is not permissible. The Clarendon Book of Singing Games (OUP) and Kerr?s Guild of Play are recommended for these classes.

 5. Strings, Woodwind and Brass. In non-traditional strings, woodwind and brass classes a pianoforte accompaniment may be used.

 6. Group Music Making  Each group may include voices, melodic instruments, tuned and un-tuned percussion.

 7. Speech  In the following speech classes, a text may be used:-

a) original verse spoken by the author

b) solo prose speaking

c) Biblical prose speaking

 8. Scottish Country Dancing Each set must contain four couples. Members of any set may not dance in another set in the same class.

 9. Piping Chanter competitions are not open to performers who have previously played in the piping section. A copy of own choice must be submitted with the entry form.

 10. Free Dance Members of any group may not dance in another group in the same class.

 11. Electronic Keyboard In classes 126 - 127, performers must supply their own keyboard. Amplification and suitable connectors will be available. As well as good co-ordination between the  hands, the adjudicator will look for appropriate use of  repeats, variations in voice, style, intro, fill-in etc within the time allowed.

12. Performers may only enter ONCE in each class 

 13. Abbreviations used in the syllabus to indicate publishers

 ACB          A & C Black                                               B & H   Boosey & Hawkes

OUP            Oxford University Press                                SO         Scottish Orpheus

ABRSM    Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music


 90+       OUTSTANDING

An exceptional performance both technically and artistically


An excellent performance both technically and artistically


A convincing performance technically and artistically

 81-83 MERIT

A capable performance showing some artistic appreciation and/or technical ability.

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